niedziela, 21 marca 2010

I've become a PS guy

Rcently, I've bought a Playstation 3 console.
It is my first modern game console that I've bought. I also own Nintendo WII, but it was a gift and the only real game that I have is Zelda (some also may say that WII is not a modern game console). When I was a kid, I had Pegasus - it was some kind of NES clone. I played Contra, Dig Dug and other great games. Then I bought a PC (yep, I'm a PC ;)) and felt superior to my playstation / sega saturn / amiga friends ;) At school we were talking about number of polygons and comparison of benchmarks between Playstation and Voodoo. Not to mention, I always felt that PC's are far better that any consoles.
Currently, I'm not so religious about it. Three years ago I upgraded GPU in my PC and most games still run quite smoothly. However, I was thinking about buying a game console. For me decision was quite easy. Imho, Playstation 3 has far better games compared to Xbox (the only game I could be missing is Gears of War). Before buying PS3, I waited for one of this games to be realeased: Heavy Rain, God Of War 3 and Final Fantasy XIII. I've already finished Heavy Rain and currently I'm playing GOW3. I've got only one thing to say: PC guys - buy yourself a PS3! ;)

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  1. Playstation 3 is the very nice game console for play the game and God of War is one of my favorite game of PS3. The war and war weapons of this game are outstanding.