sobota, 6 czerwca 2009

Fancy stuff

Tell me something mister...
If i read everything about:
- design patterns
- dependency injection
- aspect oriented programming
- mocking
- oop principles
- extreme programming
Read The Mythical Man-Month. Twice.
And Code Complete. Three times.
Read all the documents about CLR.
Get to know all the animals from the O'Reilly series.
Read all Jon Skeet articles and answers.
Pass all microsoft exams.
Become mvp in everything from share point to compact framework.
Install vs2010 and .net 4.0 on virtual pc running windows 7.

Will i be able to write single line of code that does exactly what i want to?
Will it be error free?
Will it be easy to modify?
Will it meet open-close principle?

Yes? So i will do it! ;)

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