sobota, 9 maja 2009

My name ain't important

Welcome everybody.

This is the first post on this blog so I want to state what I'll be writing about.
I will primarily focus on everything that is related to programming, especially in C# and .NET.
I will mostly rant about everything that makes me angry in other people's code and their design ideas. It won't be very serious, though.
I also hope that this blog will help me remember some technologies I have to learn now and I will forget tomorrow. Some observations may be helpful to other developers who struggle with problems in their software solutions.
This blog is not about my life or about my job. However, posts will be my subjective opinions on various computer science aspects and inevitably will reflect the things I'm currently working on at my work.

Almost forgot one thing...
My name I is really un-important! If you wanna keep on being a wise-guy, you'll find out just how I just got shot in the head un-important! Do I make myself clear?!?

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